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We are about......Energy Conservation

              and new ways to use........Renewable Energy

Our lab is "off the grid" because it will not use any grid electric power.  Power will be provided to the lab via a solar electric system. 

The purpose of the lab is to conduct research and development of green energy technologies.  New ideas are investigated then tested. To date, two inventions have been issued. The final step, innovation (or commercialization) is taken on by a third party as the invention process is complete. 

In addition, the lab will be used to collect wind energy data to assist in the forward movement of wind energy development in Perkins County. 

     The CanDew Scientific Off-The-Grid Lab building has been built.


Old dead trees were removed from the site location and from around the century old outhouse. This old historic building will house the battery backup (part of the solar electric system to be installed). The cement base was poured. 


The building materials arrived and construction got started. The frame went up and the windows and door went in. 


The inside of the building has been insulated and the walls and ceiling were constructed. And, the inside electrical and construction work has been completed. 

The walls and ceiling have been painted and the workbenches are installed and ready to be used.  


The Lab building is being used today.




The Lab building is incomplete.......I ran out of money, but we will let you know when the solar panels are installed on the roof (forcasted for 2013).

The power generated will be used for the building with excess power supporting the Ottman Farm operation.  

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