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CanDew Scientific LLC is about Green Engineering


Changes are needed to be more environmentally aware....to be more "green"

Change requires re-engineering........that is, green engineering!

.....New Inventions that take a green idea from concept stage to a real-life solution

BUT What Do You Do With An Idea?
CanDew Scientific believes it is in believing in your ideas and working on them until they are truly inventions.
CanDew Scientific now has turned three ideas into three Green Inventions


Along similar line, CanDew Scientific has had an Off The Grid Lab Built


To help others understand the importance of Renewable Energy, we [provide

Workshops and Lectures on going green

We Aim to Motivate both the Young & Old


We Hope You will contact us about the Renewable Energy Workshops & Motivational Speeches we offer

These workshops are focused on Wind & Solar Energy and Energy Conservation,

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CanDew Scientific LLC        PO Box 509          Lemmon, SD 57638           605-374-4247